If any of my friends, relatives, colleagues, or neighbours asks me to recommend a metal roofing contractor, I would not hesitate to recommend Tony of Vassa Metal Roofing.
Vassa was not the cheapest, nor the most expensive of the quotes that I gathered. However, Vassa uses Gerard’s stone-coated steel roofing systems, which are manufactured in the USA. I have received more expensive quotes from companies that use stone-coated metal tiles that were manufactured from Korea.
The whole crew, leads by Tony, is very polite and efficient. They cleaned up around my property everyday before they left. They were on time everyday (keep in mind Tony and his crew are based in St. Catharines). They had to travel 90 minutes one way each day to Markham to install my roof. Just this alone deserves a big shout out!
Tony himself is very detailed oriented. He actually went back up to my roof because one of the crew members missed a screw in one of the metal panels.
Thank you Tony and your crew for your hard work!!!


It is our pleasure to highly recommend Vassa Metal Roofing.
From the provision of the initial estimate to the completion of the roof replacement, both the professionalism and quality of service rendered by Tony and his staff was most impressive.
We are most appreciative of the quality of the workmanship, the efficiency in the completion of the project, the standard of maintenance of the work site and the masterful installation of our new roof .
Finally, Tony's personal integrity in the provision of excellent service is highly recommended.

St. Catharines

Tony and his team did an amazing job replacing our entire metal. We urgently needed the roof replaced and Tony was professional, answered all our questions, on time and friendly. His team did an excellent job installing and were also very professional I would highly recommend Tony and his team!

St. Catharines

Tony was thorough in scoping out the job and giving an accurate quote of the job. His crew was professional and polite, not only keeping us informed about the work's progress, but paying close attention in cleaning up - and - going the extra mile to do some minor repairs around the flashing. We can confidently recommend the excellent service and work done by Vassa Roofing Company under Tony's direction.

B Mathews

Tony did a very good job during the installation of my Gerard metal roof. He will give you a lot of good recommendations and sound advice. He will also happily answer all your questions. Tony is honest, transparent and will keep you up to date with all details. The crew was professional and respectful. The Gerard product is excellent! I would definitely recommend Vassa Metal Roofing to anybody.


Beautiful new black steel roof installed with care and efficiency. They even work holidays and weekends to get the job done. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the craftsmanship and the high level expertise. Good clean-up after the job was done. Thanks to Tony and his crew! Martin J. from Waterloo.

Martin Janis

We were impressed with the quoting process when working with “Vassa Metal Roofing”. Tony along with the other staff is very committed and did a great job on our roof. Every time I drive up our driveway I am pleased with how beautiful our roof is.


We had hired “Vassa Metal Roofing” to replace our roof. We were very happy with the whole procedure and it was carefree experience. The quality of service was ideal and we are content with the final result .

Vaso R.

We had hired “Vassa Metal Roofing” four years ago and at the time the quoting process went well and the fair seemed fair. The service itself went smoothly and everything happened as expected. We are still content with the end product.

Gerry B.
St. Catharines

We were quite happy with the quoting process with “Vassa Metal Roofing”, it was well documented and detailed. Tony made a point of explaining the process clearly and letting us know when and how they were going to work on the project. The service was excellent and we knew that if we had any issues or complaints we would be contacted immediately.

Ken A.

When we had hired “Vassa Metal Roofing” the quoting process was clear and straightforward. The project took around 7 days but the staff at “Vassa Metal Roofing” where very hard working. Even neighbors were commenting on how hard they had been working during one of the hottest weeks of the summer. We are still happy with the end product.

St. Catharines

150 year old farm house with a sagging roof and multiple old layers of asphalt tiles. Tony and his crew did a heroic job, resulting in a beautiful new steel tile roof.

Michael Allder

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